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History & Heritage

Snap Shots

Frozen In Time
Beechworth, an old goldmining centre in Victoria's north-east, is a town frozen in time. Its connection to bushranger Ned Kelly makes a visit even more compelling. >>>

What's In A Name?
Australian most famous waterway isn't the mighty Murray River, it's a small, insignificant rivulet that is only several kilometres long and flows into SA's Barossa Valley. >>>

The World's Oldest Rock Art?

The Bradshaw Paintings are incredibly sophisticated examples of rock art found predominantly in the Mitchell Plateau and Gibb River sections of Kimberley region of Western Australia. If they are as old as they appear to be - 60,000 years, or probably much more according to anthropologists - chronologically they would predate the pyramids of Egypt and the Palaeolithic cave paintings of Europe, in fact they may well be the oldest art form of mankind in existence. >>

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