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This section of the website looks at the many destinations around Australia that have a distinct focus on tourism. Some have become meccas for local and overseas holiday makers, others are geared more to the person who wants to escape the crowds. Use the menu on the left of this page to find one that's just right for you.
Cobbold Gorge, Qld

Cobbold Gorge is located within the rugged sandstone formations that dominate the local area 400km west of Cairns in north Queensland. This stunning gorge is extremely narrow, closing to a mere two meters wide in places, with spectacular 30 metre cliffs on either side. The Cobbold Gorge area is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Mammals, for example, include Eastern Grey Kangaroos, the Agile Wallabies, Dingoes, and Echidnas. Reptiles abound including goannas, monitor lizards, legless lizards and pythons. Many species of frogs are identifiable by their different calls. Native fish abound in these waters including archer fish, sooty grunter, long tom, perch, and of course, the freshwater or johnstone river crocodiles. A large variety of birds frequent the lower waterhole.

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