Cruise The Kimberley Coast

The region known simply as The Kimberley takes its evocative name from its most imposing landmark; an ancient mountain range visible from the rugged sea coast. Though the majority of Australian don't even know it exists, of those who do, few have seen it as it is in one of most remote corners of the country.

Its coastline is nothing short of stunning and according to all who have seen it, there is no other stretch of coastline in Australia that comes near in terms of its ability to inspire awe and wonder.

Explore Prospecting Country

The vast open spaces of Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields and the remnants of mines and mining towns scattered across it make it one of the country's most unique regions. The Eastern Goldfields region is one of contrasts with gold and nickel mining in the north and agriculture and fishing in the south. The area's attractions are wide and varied - the exploits of the early prospectors in pursuit of gold, the magnificent turn of the century architecture throughout the region, the amazing Super Pit at Kalgoorlie, abandoned ghost towns.

Get Lucky at Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay, in Cape Le Grand National Park, is one of the most stunning and unique bays in Australia. It stretches for over five kilometres, offering a magnificent stretch of beach and sparkling clear blue water. Here, seaweed accumulates in deep spongy masses and provides the interesting spectacle of the local kangaroos descending to the beach of an evening to dine on fresh seaweed and afterwards laze around on the sand.

Explore Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is one of the rare places on earth where you are able to walk from the beach straight onto a coral reef. A protected marine park area on the ocean side of North West Cape in Western Australia, Ningaloo is a virtually untouched barrier reef of 260km length protecting a shallow, brilliant white sandy lagoon of clear tropical waters. More than 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of coral make up the Ningaloo Reef.

Do The Spider Walk at Karijini

Of the many adrenalin adventures awaiting you at Karijini National Park in the State's north west, The Spider Walk is one of the most challenging. This entails navigating your way through a very narrow gorge, approx one metre wide, with hands and feet on either side of the gorge walls as water flows underneath, very cool indeed! The reward at the end is a swim at Kermits Pool. Walk on a little a little further to the gorge opens out again - is simply breathtaking.

Go To Rotto!

Rottnest Island, a short distance off the coast near Perth, is a true island paradise. Apart from Island Board vehicles, there are no cars. You either walk or cycle - all of which are conducive towards everyone moving at a very leisurely pace. The island's small sheltered bays and coves, the white beaches and turquoise waters of the island's attractive coastline, all seem to beckon the visitor to stay a while and take in the sights, rather than rush off to see something else. The island's semi-tame quaint marsupial residents, the Quokka, also get in on the act, popping out of the bushes as walkers approach their hideouts in the low scrub.

Crossing The Nullarbor Plain

Driving across the Nullarbor is for many the quintessential experience of the Australian Outback. Bumper stickers bought from roadhouses on the highway proudly declare 'I have crossed the Nullarbor' as though it were a rite of passage in becoming a 'real' driver. But if driving that far is not you thing, you can always take the Indian Pacific train and travel in airconditioned comfort and style.

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