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Australia being such a huge country, it is not possible list all the major cross country walks on one page, not to mention the lesser known walking trails in each state. For this reason, we have introduced each state with one walk from each, followed by a link to more walks in that state.

See also Cross Country Walks and Hikes for long distance walks.

Bushwalking in Australia is a year round pastime that is enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. The country is blessed with a diverse range of terrain, animals, birdlife and vegetation types and with a few notable exceptions, the weather patterns are usually not considered ‘extreme’.
Australia is a very safe country for backpackers and hikers and although there may be a few snakes or spiders that don’t take too kindly to human company, there is nothing in the bush that will eat you! 
People go bushwalking for a variety of reasons, and hence the degree of participation varies from an hour or so along a local bushland track to week-long treks across the countryside. There are walking clubs in all states that welcome others to join them. By walking in a group, you not only get the company of like-minded people, but often you are walking with people who have a greater than average knowledge of the bush or the places visited on a walk, making walks with them a far more rewarding experience than walking on your own.
Australian Government bodies at all levels are aware of the health benefit of walking, and are actively involved in the creation of paths and walking trails through bushland to cater for walkers.
National Parks are some of the best and safest places to go walking, not only because their are haven for wildlife, but also because full time staff are employed in the creation of maintenance of walking tracks. Most National Parks across the country have visitor information centres and these centres more often than not provide maps and guide to the best walks in their parks.

State by State bushwalking


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